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As a family entertainment multi-function indoor park for all-around ages; TEKZONE forwards a select wide range of modern stations, rides and games - top-of-the line Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR);the world's first AR bumper cars, the exclusive level-up Time Mission, redemption, physical and skill games, escape rooms, a soft play area, and an amusement arcade zone with diverse popular games. Enabling your check-out with noteworthy prizes and rewarding loyalty merits. Bringing families and friends together on a fun-loaded and enthralling journey of challenging, affordable and safe; all-you-can-play featured experiences. At TEKZONE, the fun never stands still.

The Legend of Zo

Zo is from Zeta, a distant planet in the andromeda Galaxy. A planet filled with Zetans living happily together, they’re known for their highly advanced cybernetic aneroids which we call them on planet earth “Robots”. Zetan Robots are not like those metallic robotic machines, they are full of energy and exsist only to play in every sense!Even though Zo and his friends from Zeta don’t speak Earth’s language, they’re very social and they have their own way to communicate, playing is one of them. Zo always loves to make new friends, and now his mission is to spread fun across the universe! He used one of Zeta’s wormhole portals to travel back in time and space to land on the first destination - TEKZONE on Planet Earth. When Zo opened his eyes after the landing, they spread wide open and sparkled from joy, he was fascinated and couldn’t wait to share his experiences with his best friends in planet Zeta. So he invited them all to join him in this mission of spreading the fun using the latest game technologies and the virtual experience. Zo and his friends from Zeta would like to welcome us all to the future of endless fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your operating hours?

From 11am till 11pm all days of the week

Do you hold events (birthdays, parties, school trips, group events,etc...)

Yes we do, from 11 AM till 11 PM all days of the week
Contact us on: 22283427

What is the price range of the VR games?

its between 1,15 KD and 2,950 KD

The activities are suitable for which ages?

Suitable for ages starting 3 years old

Can we please cancel/edit our booking?

Please ask for booking reference or screenshot of the booking and we will share with the store team to edit manually.

Where's your location?

Redsea Mall